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March 24, 2021

With Ronnie Barkan: Left Wing Zionism and Jewish Identity

With Ronnie Barkan: Left Wing Zionism and Jewish Identity

Israeli human rights activist, Ronnie Barkan, explains how both right-wing and left-wing Zionists are both equally Zionist at bottom, the only difference being the right-wing is open about their policies. The left-wing profess to be liberal but are really anything but.

Ronnie BarkanProfile Photo

Ronnie Barkan

Human rights activist

Ronnie Barkan is an Israeli dissident and BDS activist.

As a serial disrupter to apartheid representatives, he recently stood trial in Berlin along with two fellow activists ("Humboldt3") for speaking up against representative Aliza Lavie and her direct responsibility for Israeli crimes. [https://medium.com/humboldt3]

Barkan negates the patently false liberal-Zionist discourse, offering instead a narrative that challenges the very foundation of the Zionist race-state in Palestine as a supremacist endeavor that practices colonialism and apartheid since the day of its inception.