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Informative : Things I learned

Very clear and concise information. As always! A- clear difference between being Jewish and Israeli. B- revelation about the inner working about the Isreal’s propaganda called hasbara. C-Revelation about Israeli themselves explaining why some sects oppose them there by being able to lie about tue true reasons.

The Beauty of Your Truth

Thank you so much for developing this beautiful honest podcast. I’m African-American and grew up in a Jewish community in upstate NY. My love for Jewish people is as deep as my love for America. Jews helped lift my family out of poverty. It pains me to study What Israel is doing in the Middle East under the guise of Zionism. My heart aches for the Palestinians. I love the truth you give. Please give us more.

Great Podcast for Philosophy Wonks and Anyone Seeking to Understand Judaism

Rabbi Shapiro is a very learned theologian and Jewish Scholar. His knowledge of the Torah and Talmud is unparalleled and it’s strengthened by his comprehensive study of western philosophy and Jewish theology. He brings all of this to a very powerful critique of Zionism and the “Jewish State” as part of a general message of peace and justice rooted in Orthodox Judaism. Anyone interested in Jewish metaphysics, the distinction between Zionism and Judaism, and the Torah should listen to this podcast.

Brilliant clarity of thought!

One of the many lessons of 2020 will be how simple reasoning can so easily be muddied by misguided (at best) leaders and bizarre group think. In 20 years we will wonder how we could have possibly questioned if Covid 19 is really all that deadly even though we all know that millions have been infected and many hundreds of thousands died. No one will believe that so many actually thought that masks and social distancing would not help save lives in the face of an airborne virus that has spread around the world. Thank you Rabbi Shapiro for having the courage to always seek truth and share with the world no matter how unpopular.

wow, so great

great podcast - original, logical, and thought provoking


Very interesting and rarely discussed topics.


Does what it says it’s going to do: challenges preconceptions and misinformation by using facts and reason. Promising start to what will hopefully be a successful series.