Jan. 9, 2022

How Herzl Lied About The Dreyfus Affair

Zionist lore says Herzl became a Zionist after witnessing the Dreyfus Affair and hearing the crowd chant "Kill the Jews." But his…

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Sept. 9, 2021

The Bias in Academic Judaic Studies

Many Judaic Studies instructors have been found to harbor a disdain for ultra-Orthodox Jews, which skews their academic portrayal…

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Sept. 3, 2021

After 40 Years, the True Story is Told

In denigrating the Rebitzen of the ultra-Orthodox Satmar chasidim, a professor writes of a story involving a wedding that took pl…

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June 18, 2021

Is Israel Telling the Truth About the Iron Dome?

One of the country's foremost experts on missile defense systems evaluates the Iron Dome's capabilities against the claims of the…

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June 11, 2021

The Imaginary Miracle and Other Delusions of the Six-Day War

In 1967, in order to garner US support for their attack on Egypt, Israel falsely claimed to have been under existential threat by…

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June 4, 2021

To Fight Anti-Semitism, Renounce Israel's Claim

Portraying Jews as if they are nationals of the state of Israel puts Jews in danger, as the enemies of Israel will automatically …

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May 26, 2021

Are Zionists Provoking Attacks on American Jews?

During and after the Gaza war, Jews in America have been subject to anti-Semitic attacks by pro-Palestinian activists who think …

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May 19, 2021

What Anti-Zionist Protests Taught One Young Man About Judaism

Once, Eli had no interest in Judaism because he thought it meant being a Zionist. Today he is a rabbi. This is his story.

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May 12, 2021

What Religion Does "National Religious" Zionism Come From?

The students of Rabbi Abraham and Zvi Yehuda Kook incorporated into their Judaism large doses of organic nationalism, pagan land …

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May 6, 2021

A Defense Against Hume's Objection to the Cosmological Argument

A refutation of Hume's claim that causeless creation is possible since it is conceivable. Reversing his argument to show how stro…

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April 29, 2021

No, It's Not Just the Timing: Why Orthodox Jews Oppose Zionism (Part…

There are many reasons Orthodox Jews oppose Zionism: It is the antithesis of Judaism, and encourages anti-Semitism. Here are the …

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March 24, 2021

With Ronnie Barkan: Left-Wing Zionism and Jewish Identity

Israeli human rights activist, Ronnie Barkan, explains how both right-wing and left-wing Zionists are both equally Zionist at bot…

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March 12, 2021

How Zionism Undefined Jewishness

There is no "new anti-Semitism." Anti-Semitism has not mutated to include anti-Zionism. Instead, accepting the unintelligible Zio…

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Feb. 24, 2021

What They Don't Teach About Herzl in Zionist Schools

Theodor Herzl (d. 1904) is a Zionist hero, described in Israel's Declaration of Independence as the "spiritual father" of Israel.…

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Feb. 17, 2021

Miko Peled: From Elite Zionist Family to Anti-Zionist Activist

In this episode, Miko describes his journey from a member of an elite Zionist family - his grandfather was an Israeli ambassador …

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Feb. 10, 2021

Between Patriotism and Civic Religion: An Historical and Legal Analys…

The January 6th insurrection at the nation's capital that resulted in the impeachment of Donald Trump depicted the characteristic…

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Feb. 3, 2021

Part 2 - How a former Breitbart reporter learned the truth about Juda…

Lee Stranahan, Republican radio host, journalist and former Breitbart reporter once thought that his peers at Breitbart - Joel Po…

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Jan. 27, 2021

Part 1 - How a former Breitbart reporter learned the truth about Juda…

Lee Stranahan, Republican radio host, journalist and former Breitbart reporter once thought that his peers at Breitbart - Joel Po…

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Jan. 17, 2021

Resisting Propaganda: When 1/10 is not the same as 10%

Studies have discovered surprising weaknesses in our decision-making process that make us vulnerable to manipulators. We may thin…

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Jan. 17, 2021

Royal Treatment in Egypt for Maimonides' Jewish Descendent

Reuven and Esther Guttman of Long Island arrived in Egypt for what they expected to be a routine vacation. But when the border g…

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Jan. 16, 2021

Dual Loyalty in Zionist Schools: Meet the Anonymous Author of the For…

In February 2020 an anonymous article appeared in the Forward by a teacher in several Zionist Hebrew Day Schools, claiming they t…

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