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Chas Freeman on Hasbara and Zionist Propaganda

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, host of the Committing High Reason is pleased to host a discussion with renowned author, scholar, and statesman, Ambassador Chas Freeman on "Hasbara, and Zionist Propaganda, and Their Impact on the United States."

Through the lens of his rich experience in US government and statesmanship, Ambassador Freeman will discuss with the rabbi:
• what Hasbara is and how it functions
• Ambassador Freeman's experience with Zionist propaganda after he was chosen to head the National Intelligence Council
• why Hasbara is detrimental to Israel's own security
• some of the detrimental consequences of Zionism
• how Zionism does not represent the values of Judaism
... and several other related oints.

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0:00 - Intro
1:23 - The Israel lobby vs. Chas Freeman re NIS appointment
4:43 - Israel's "Wall of Propaganda" Nobody in a position of authority questions what Israel does
7:13 - Zionists in USA aid Israel
8:50 - Israel is not the Jewish state
10:34 - Israel claims falsely to be the state of all Jews
13:15 - Americans should get involved in Israel's actions, but as Americans, not as Jews
15:20 - Best thing Israel can do is remove pseudo-religious claims from it
18:40 - Zionism causes a rise in anti-Semitism and is a danger to Jews all over
20:24 - Defunding Israel will help Israel's security
21:39 - Zionism puts Israelis in danger
23:00 - Israelis are becoming disillusioned with Israel
24:20 - Israel's portrayal of itself comes from Evangelical Christianity
25:45 - Israel's biggest success
26:57 - Israel's racism and colonialism
30:35 - Solution to the influence of media: intellectual independence
31:40 - Today's intolerance of opposing views is intolerable
32:22 - Zionists pretend they portray their opponents' side